Bezdez Castle

Historical castle in amazing nature in Central Bohemian Region.
5000 Kč incl tax

Why this castle?
The Royal Bezdez Castle was founded in 1264 by the iron and gold king Przemysl Otakar II. The castle is located on the hill Big Bezdez (603,5m) in Dokeska hilly area, above the village Bezdez, near the Macha lake, 6 km southeast of the town Doksy.

Wedding in a Gothic chapel. Basic fee: 5.000CZK

Important notice: The ceremony in May, June and September on weekends and July, or August on any day except Mondays, it is necessary to count on the ongoing tours of the castle, where this part of the castle is part of an organized interpretation every 30 minutes. Therefore it is necessary to consider this and to agree on organizational matters with the Administration of Bezdez Castle.


phone: +420 606 649 807

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