Breznice Chateau

Romantic venue for your wedding.
7000 Kč incl tax

Why this castle?
Breznice castle - a memorable place in Central Bohemia, having witnessed many important events of Czech history, has become a place which refflect the cultural, spiritual and social atmosphere of Czech lands since the end of the 12th century and anables learning about it.

Civil or religious wedding

The civil wedding ceremony takes place in a music hall on the second floor of the southern wing of the chateau or in a parc garden between the fountain and the cash box. Rental price: Hall or exterior for a wedding ceremony - 7.000 CZK. Wedding ceremonies at the castle in Březnice take place from April to the end of October.

The religious wedding ceremony takes place in a chapel of Virgin Marry of the Immaculate Conception. Rental price: 7.000 CZK. It is necessary to agree with the Parish Office of the Roman Catholic Church in Březnice or with another parish office.

- Fiancé provide glasses and toast on their costs.
We provide musical accompaniment during the wedding ceremony (live music - piano accompaniment). We recommend selecting 5-6 songs from the list of songs - 550 CZK + 21% VAT.


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