Karlstejn Castle

Amazing historical castle for your wedding day.
10000 Kč incl tax


However there are other locations within the Village where you can get married for more info contact us.

Please, inquire for wedding dates in 2021 or for nice and available wedding locations in Karlstejn. 

Why this castle?
Wedding ceremonies
take place in the Ceremonial Hall of the Burgrave´s House situated in the Main Courtyard. The hall is accessible directly from the courtyard (eight stairs).
All attenders of the wedding ceremony are allowed to come by car to the upper car park (for weddings only), just 250 meters from the First Gate. Two cars are allowed to arrive up to the castle as far as to the Second Gate (about 50 m from the Ceremonial Hall).
Unfortunately, due to operational and security reasons, it is not possible to drive into the Main Courtyard. 

The capacity of the Ceremonial Hall is 35 people, but if you want more guests at your wedding, it´s possible.

Wedding ceremonies are usually held in opening hours of the castle, and all organisational details (date, music etc.) should be discussed with Magdalena Kasíková, Registry Officer of the Karlštejn Municipal Office (0042 311 681 347 or matrika@obeckarlstejn.cz).

The wedding costs include a fee for the Ceremonial Hall as well as for the registry:

• both bride and groom are citizens of the Czech Republic: CZK 10,000 (CZK 7,000 Ceremonial Hall, 3,000 registry fee)

• one is the citizen of the Czech Republic and one is a foreigner or without a permanent residence in the Czech Republic: CZK 12,000 (CZK 7,000 Ceremonial Hall, 5,000 registry fee)

• both are foreigners or both without a permanent residence in the Czech Republic: CZK 13,000 (CZK 7,000 Ceremonial Hall, CZK 6,000 registry fee)

In such case, you must sign a lease agreement with the Karlštejn Castle Management, and pay registry office fee for the wedding ceremony.

- Banquet Hall of the Imperial Palace - the interior of Tour 1, can be closed for tourists. Only in opening hours of the castle. Rental price: CZK 20,000 + registry fee

- Marian Courtyard - between the Marian Tower and the Great Tower. Open air wedding, only in opening hours of the castle. Rental price: CZK 20,000 + registry fee

Wedding Photo

Of course, you can take photos or film during the wedding ceremony and then in the Main Courtyard and in the Well Tower. We are very sorry but it is not possible to take photos in castle interiors as they are permanently open to visitors, which means every 10 min a group of approx. 50 visitors in every room.


• Karlštejn Castle (general information, Ceremonial Hall visit etc.): 00420 311 681 617

• Renting the Banquet Hall or Marian Courtyard: Ing. Lukáš Kunst, 00420 311 681 617

• Registry Office of the town of Karlštejn: Magdalena Kasíková, 00420 311 681 374

• Registered partnership (Registry Office of the town of Kladno: Jaroslava Vrňáková, Head of Registry Department, 00420 312 604 207


phone: +420 311 681 347 

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