Klementinum Symbolic Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony organized by PragueWeddings.com. Very charming wedding location for your wedding ceremony. A seat of the National Library and the State technical library.
26000 Kč incl tax

Why this venue?
The extensive baroque campus - built from the half of the 16th century till the half of the 18th century. It was the Jesuit College. Nowadays it is a seat of the National library and the State technical library. The Astronomical Tower and Baroque library hall are making part of this campus, open to the public from 2000.

The baroque hall is from the beginning of the 18th century and was built by K. I. Dienzehofer and is decorated by frescoes and portraits of the important members of the Jesuit Order. In 1775 the systematic meteorological and climatic measurement was started in the Astronomical Tower and serves to this purpose till today. 

This package consists of these individual elements:
- Klementinum Rental Fee (1 hour*) - 12.500 CZK 
- English Officiator - 4.000 CZK 
- PragueWeddings Fee - 9.500 CZK 

* 30 min rental fee (for small symbolic weddings) - 8.500 CZK
  90 min rental fee (for big weddings with photoshooting or wedding with cocktails) - 17.500 CZK

Weekend wedding surcharge 3.000 CZK (in case you will book a "full wedding service" with us - as opposed to "ceremony only", weekend surcharge will not be charged).


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