Wedding fireworks.

Fireworks made to measure.
Fireworks may be accompanied by your favorite music.
You astonish your family, friends and your close relatives.

Additional information regarding prices and availability
Latest price updated on January 12, 2018
In price is preparation, installation, pyrotechnics, transportation, preparation in place, ensure safety, self launching and cleaning after fireworks.

We use professional pyrotechnic articles Category F3 and F4Firework is really great and original ending of the wedding day.

*PWP - PragueWeddings.com Preferred 
This vendor is recommended and regularly used by PragueWeddings.com coordinators.


email: mmpyro@mmpyro.cz 
phone: +420 728 018 056

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Usual Fireworks
price to ensure full, intense and colorful ordinary fireworks
8470 Kč incl tax
Fireworks tuned into music
12100 Kč incl tax
100% synchronization with music
Call for pricing
Special Wedding Effects
for example burning heart
2783 Kč incl tax
Initials and Other Signs
the price for one number/ letter
1815 Kč incl tax