Religious blessing ceremony only

PragueWeddings fee for organizing blessing ceremony.
14950 Kč incl tax

Why us ? 
We are a wedding agency established 21 years ago, and we organized over 1 400 weddings. We have 7 full-time wedding coordinators, working mainly in Prague, Central Bohemia & Switzerland. We are the first transparent agency in the Czech Republic, so we only charge our clients the cost that wedding vendors are charging us. Our agency is specialized in international weddings, we have arranged the legal paperwork in the Czech Republic for over 70+ nationalities. Our team is looking forward to sharing their experience and knowledge with you. To know more about our projects such as our wedding academy, our wedding exhibitions and our agency, have a look at

Language skills 
English, Czech, Slovak, French & Russian 

What our package for religious blessing ceremony only is offering? 

PragueWeddings Fee for organizing Religious Blessing Ceremony, with catholic documents (without legalities at register office).

It includes up to 6 hours of work on planning your religious ceremony with the church, incl. the church documents, pre-wedding meeting and onsite coordinator:

Booking the church and priest

Signing documents to ensure booking, confirmation emails

Sending you a step-by-step guide on what is needed from your side

Having you email us/give us in case you are in Prague all religous documents beforehand for check

Submiting documents to the church here

Arranging a translator for your wedding day if the priest does not perform ceremony in your language

Meeting you at the church before the wedding to meet the priest

Onsite coordinator for your wedding day 

Please kindly note that we have accounting fee for payments and cash money management. This is a small fee used to cover accounting & tax related services. Also withdrawing cash & cash distribution on the wedding day or prior the wedding day. Fee: 1 900CZK


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